Hallelujah What a Savior

Connie Sanchez

Phillip Bliss 1838-1876

Phillip Bliss was a music teacher who wrote his first hymn at the age of twenty six. At the urging of Dwight Moody he became a singing evangelist in 1874. When he was 38 he traveled with his wife through Ohio on his way to Moody’s church in Chicago. They were involved in a train wreck and when he returned to the fiery crash to save his wife they were both killed.

Phillip Bliss, Horatio Spafford, D.W. Whittle, Ira Sankey and Dwight Moody were all friends. Bliss was the composer of the music to the song written by Spafford “It is Well”.

After hearing Henry Moorehouse preach on the "Man of Sorrows" in a Michigan prison Bliss wrote this song. The first four verses describe the Cross and Jesus’s sacrifice for sin. The last verse looks ahead to an eternity with “our glorious King”. The chorus  " Hallelujah, What a Savior” translates in any language.

Wouldn’t you have liked to sit in the room and listen when these men got together? What sweet fellowship they would have as they shared their JOY in serving Christ.

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