Man of Sorrows

I know I posted this hymn a few days ago but I was looking through my books on hymns and ran across a touching story about this hymn.  My friend Evelyn gave me the book Worship the King many years ago, way before I ever knew I even had a passion for hymns!!! What did she know that I didn't??

In this book several authors give their comments on the twelve hymns in the book.  Joni Ereckson Tada describes how this song made an impression on her life.  I will try to tell it in a few words but encourage you to get this book!!!  After her accident as a teenager she was lying in a hospital bed paralyzed and feeling all alone.  One night after visiting hours one of her girlfriends showed up in her room. She lowered the guardrail on her bed,  climbs in and lies beside her as if they were going to have am all night girl's slumber party.  She then begins to quietly sing to her, " Man of sorrows what a name for the Son of God who came ruined sinners to reclaim: Hallelujah! What a Savior."

Joni says in that moment she received assurance from her Heavenly Father of the hope she has, "Jesus , the bruised and bloody Man of Sorrows who endured hell on earth so that you and I , by trusting in Him can escape it." (page 58).

No matter what sorrows we endure while on this earth we know Jesus is the one that can hold it together for us while we " hold to the Cross." 

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