My Faith has found a Resting Place

Connie Sanchez

The story of this hymn is not about the writer of the poem, Eliza Hewitt, but of the musician that composed the music.

William Kirkpatrick was working on this poem in Pennsylvania in 1921 when his wife called to him to come to bed because it was late. He responded that he was not finished with his work and he would join he needed a little more time.  She went to sleep and woke later in the night to see the study light was still on.  She called to him and he did not respond.  She found him at his desk slumped over his last hymn.

It said:

Just as Thou wilt, Lord, this is my cry

Just as Thou wilt, to live or die.

I am Thy servant, Thou knowest best,

Just as Thou wilt, Lord labor or rest.


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