Ready, Get set, GO . . . . .

Connie Sanchez

Ok I am going to try this again.  I plan to have this store up and ready to go this week. Please let me know if you have comments on the shirts.  I am putting out multiple designs and colors to see what appeals to everyone.  The goal is to bring those old hymns back to your mind so you are singing them in your head all day!!!  I have the first 10 designed.  The final 3 should be ready  in the next 2 weeks . Then I have a new idea for the next 10.  No I don't sleep because  I hear voices!!! LOL! Let me hear from you.

For those of you that live here and know me, I can sell the shirts cheaper if I don't have to mail them!!! The Gildan shirts in this series will be $12  If you want one of the Bella's send me a message and I will give you the bottom line price.  Looking for a " cheaper" soft shirt that the girls out there will like!!!!


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