The only Wise KING

Connie Sanchez

I am trying to finish up my blog on looking for Jesus in the inaugural prayers. These last two prayers did NOT use the name of Jesus.  But have no fear, there were references to  scripture and if you look you will always find Jesus on the pages of scripture!! 

Cardinal Dolan quoted from what I thought was the Bible but after searching for his words for a couple of days and not finding them I googled it and found that he actually quoted from a book titled the Wisdom of Solomon that is not in the Bible I use.  He quoted  . . ." wisdom knows your will and was there when you made the world; Who understands what is pleasing in your eyes and what is conformable with your commands. Send her forth from your holy heavens from your glorious throne dispatch her that she may be with us and work with us, that we may grasp what is pleasing to you. For she knows and understands all things, and will guide us prudently in our affairs and safeguard us by her glory. Amen" .

I will let you decide who "wisdom"  and  " she" are.

We sang a newer hymn in church yesterday and it says. ." Blessing and honor, strength and glory and power be, to you the only wise King,".  If you look you will find Him.



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