This little light of mine

Connie Sanchez

Samuel Rodriguez prayed at the Trump inauguration and quoted from Matthew 5 where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount.  I took the picture attached In in Israel  from the place  where it is believed that Jesus spoke those words. Standing on that shore you can also see across the Sea of Galilee to  the " city on the hill." At night the city is aglow with  many yellow lights .How encouraging it was to hear the closing of the prayer as he said " let our good deeds shine" and closed with Jesus's name.

It is a reminder that we are to share   the " Light of the World" to those around us.  Several hymns come to mind - " The Light of the World is Jesus", "This little light of mine", "Stepping in the light", "Pass it on".    .

Are there other hymns that come to mind?

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