When we all get to Heaven

Connie Sanchez

Have you ever gone to a concert, retreat or ( this is for my girls) a Beth Moore conference and experienced a  few days on the mountaintop?  It doesn't take long for that experience to fade and you are back to the stress and reality of living in the real world.

Eliza Hewitt often spent time in the summer in Ocean Grove with her friend Emily Wilson. During one of those retreats Eliza asked her friend,  a pastor's wife as well as a musician, to add music to a poem she had written. The hymn "When we all get to Heaven" was born that summer.

Yes we can go away and spend time singing and studying God's word with other believers and enjoy the sweet fellowship but nothing can compare to the everlasting "day of rejoicing" we will share "when we all see Jesus. We'll sing and shout the victory" !!!!

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